Tax Benefits of Owning A Rental Property

Many landlords worry that they will have to owe a ton of taxes on their rental income, but they are usually relieved to find that they don’t actually have taxable rental income! The reason for this is because there is a plethora of deductions that you can make on your taxes as a rental property owner.

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Hidden Costs of Managing a Rental Property

Let’s say you have a client that’s looking to buy a second home to rent out. You might want to suggest to them that hiring a property management company can be a great way to help them get the most out of their rental property. However, before you start calling around and making appointments to…

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How to Get Your Home Ready for Rental – Complete Checklist

Thinking about listing your house as a rental property? Great idea! Having a rental property has so many benefits including extra income, tax breaks, and the freedom to move around as you please knowing that your house isn’t left vacant and vulnerable! Still, there’s a lot that goes into making your house a good home…

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How to Identify and Avoid the “Professional Tenant”

If you’re a first-time landlord, you might have never heard of the term “professional tenant.” This refers to the type of person who moves in with no intention of paying rent, causes headaches at every turn, and leaves the property in horrible condition. We’ve been around the block a few times as a property management…

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A Helping Guide to Find a House on Rent in Maryland in 2021

Are you planning to get a house on rent in Maryland? You must be wondering if 2021 is the right time to go ahead. Renting a house is exciting and burdensome. From choosing the right property to figuring out the right time to stay and finding a reliable landlord, you have a lot to think…

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6 Reasons Why Winter is the Right Time to Rent or Buy Real Estate Property

Property locality, interior and exterior design and costing are the major factors we look for while renting or buying property. But we tend to ignore the time factor. Time factor plays a vital role in property investment. Year-end is the right time for investment property negotiations for buyers and Property Management Company. Snowfall, the smell…

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Best time to rent or buy property - Accidential Landlord

Why is Spring the Best Time to Rent or Buy Property?

Ah, spring! The time of year when flowers bloom, the weather gets warmer, and it is peak time to buy and rent property. Spring is such a fantastic time to move for many reasons – some are cost-related while others are purely practical. For example, moving during the winter months in an area where it…

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Residential Property Management

Why Should Military Families Going Abroad Rent Out Their Family Homes?

Being a military family means shifting base once every 3 years. This means that as a military family, you cannot stay in the dearest home that you like. Does that mean you have to sell it? No, not at all. This home is dear to you for many reasons. Why would you want to let go of it? You can still come back to it after you retire from the military. What to do with it until then? Rent it out, of course.

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Land Lord Service During Covid-19

How COVID-19 Has Created a Strong Rental Market

Despite the financial hardships of COVID19, there have been some surprisingly positive trends in the rental market—people want to move to the suburbs, single-family homes are in high demand, and renters have more financial security.

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