The 5 Best Housing Materials You can Save A TON on

Let’s be honest; when it comes to property and housing maintenance, every dollar counts. Typically, you start with a budget. And going above that budget almost always happens no matter how hard you try. So, how can you counteract this common trend and possibly save money instead? The answer is bargain hunting. 

It all starts with the right materials in mind and the right places to purchase them. From there, you can save a ton of money and finally be below your initial budget. All while being equipped with everything you hoped for, and then some. 

To better understand how purchasing used housing materials can save you money, let’s look at five of the best deals out there and where to get them in our local Maryland area. To begin, I should state that I have found these items countless times for properties I manage and maintain myself at liquidators and close-out stores such as Ollie’s bargain outlets, stores that sell salvage/donated goods such as Habitat for Humanity’s Re-Store, and local salvage stores such as Second Chance and the Loading Dock. 

With this said, the five best housing materials to look for in these places are flooring, tiles, manual hand tools,vanities and sinks, and kitchen cabinets. We’ll discuss these further below.

moon ridge flooring housing bargain


The average cost of flooring ranges between $6 to $10 per square foot whereas choosing a used option can get you down to roughly $3 per square foot. That’s half the price of the average cheapest new options—and it adds up when you look at your floor plan as a whole. 

As such, keeping an eye out for flooring is a great way to save yourself a decent amount of money over time and still be able to have a nice, clean look to your property from top to bottom. 

tiles moon ridge housing bargain


The next big bargain to look for comes in the form of tiles. Tiles can be extremely expensive or relatively cheap depending on their quality and their material. However, even the most expensive used tiles are typically cheaper than the new options out there. 

The key is to compare tiles to their original prices as you bargain shop. The golden rule is that if you save over 20 percent of the new cost and it doesn’t look different or old in the slightest, it’s a good deal. If you’re unsure of how many tiles would be needed to cover your floor or how much that would cost as a whole, check out Homewyse’s useful tile calculator before making your purchase. 

tools hand bargain moon ridge housing

3-Manual Hand Tools

As with almost any restoration project, you’re going to need a lot of tools. Some of these tools are best to buy brand new such as automatic tools or dangerous tools like laives or chainsaws. 

However, when it comes to manual tools like hand saws, screwdrivers, or paint brushes, it may be better to stick with the bargain box. In fact, in many cases, you’re solely paying for the box or the nice appearance more than the actual quality of the tool itself. Some of the best tools we’ve ever owned were used, beat-up tools that weren’t receiving the love they deserved until we came along. 

vanity vanities sink moon ridge housing bargain

4-Vanities & Sinks 

This may come as a shock to you, but…HOUSES NEED SINKS! Crazy, right? Joking aside, vanities and sinks can be pretty expensive brand new. Especially for easy-to-install, long-lasting ones that are sure to give you that desired bang for your buck. 

However, when you’re at your local thrift store or discount store, if you keep an eye out for a good sink, you’re likely to find one in no time. In most cases, these items are stored away in the back or in a corner of the store so be sure to look closely. 

In many cases, you could nearly cut your sink costs in half, if not more, just by keeping an eye out for a used option that fits your property accordingly.

kitchen cabinets bargain materials

5- Kitchen Cabinets 

Lastly, kitchen cabinets are one of the ultimate money-saving housing materials. Why? Because the average custom kitchen cabinet set costs you roughly $500 to $1200 per linear square foot—and who has only one linear square foot of cabinets to begin with? 

However, Susan and I are able to score used kitchen cabinets (and a lot of them) for only $500 out-of-pocket all the time. This is a huge money-saving option to take into account next time you’re shopping for property maintenance guaranteed. 

In the end, housing materials are essential to make the most out of your property—but who says you have to spend full price to have a nice spot? Instead, with a bit of tenacity and dedication, you can get your materials, stay in budget, and have your dream property space in no time! If you want more tips about housing materials, property maintenance and management, or how to invest your money into your housing, contact us at Moon Ridge Property Management today! We’re experts in all things bargain hunting and we’re not afraid to share our wisdom with others!