Do You Own Property in Another State? Here’s what one client had to say!

Life comes at you fast. One day you may be comfortably settled in your home, and the next thing you know, you have to move for work or military duty – or perhaps you’ve suddenly inherited a home!

In any case, the circumstance of living in one state and owning property in another is one that happens incredibly often.

When you’re unable to personally tend to your property, a management company can help to make sure everything runs smoothly while you’re away – you will never have to worry about selling your home or it falling into disrepair. When you return, it will be exactly as you left it!

We recently did a Q&A with one of our clients. Here’s what they had to say about working with Moon Ridge Property Management while living out of state.

1. Were there any special circumstances around your acquiring of the property or needing to leave?

The fact that we’re out of state really makes us rely on the strength of a great property manager.

Our Response: We completely understand that life can take you in many different directions at once! Whether you’ve inherited property in another state or had to leave temporarily for military duty or another form of work, you want to know that the property will be secure and well-maintained while you’re focusing on other important life matters. Property is a very important asset and here at Moon Ridge, we treat the homes we look after as if they are our own.

2. What was your biggest worry/concern prior to renting out your property? How did Moon Ridge put that worry to ease?

We came to Moon Ridge after we had been with another property manager. The

previous manager had not collected rents on time, hadn’t kept records well enough to allow us to evict, and also hadn’t filed proper permits with the

county. Our biggest worry when we first came to Moon Ridge was finding good tenants and being in full compliance with the county. Moon Ridge discovered we weren’t in compliance and spoke with the county and got us in compliance at great haste! They also found us a great tenant who has been at the property for some years now. We feel very lucky.

Our Response: We are very meticulous when it comes to compliance, receiving accounts payable, and keeping good records. Here at Moon Ridge, we manage homes as if we own them which means we will never allow things to slip through the cracks that will ultimately look bad on you, the property owner.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have a less than 1% delinquency rate and have had no infections in the 17-years we have been in operation.

3. How has Moon Ridge helped you manage the daily ins and outs of maintaining your property?

Because we have Moon Ridge managing the property, we don’t have to worry about the daily ins and outs. They are on the scene and have great bench strength in finding anyone to make necessary repairs.

Our Response: Thank you! I’m glad we could put your mind at ease!

4. Has your property required any significant maintenance/repair requests? What was your experience like with Moon Ridge?

We had tenants, found by a previous management company, who were in significant arrears on their rent who were then evicted. These tenants did a lot of damage that had to be repaired. Moon Ridge sent us a comprehensive range of estimates and had an array of contractors that they could recommend for the different price points. It was extremely helpful.

Our Response: Throughout the years, we have managed to perfect the process of finding the best tenants for our clients. We do not lease to anyone with a credit score lower than 660 (we find that credit score is indicative of the type of renter), we don’t allow co-signers for those with low credit, and we perform in-depth background checks as well as current home inspections. With this process, we have an average turnover rate of 3-years – as compared to the industry standard of 1-year.

5. What do you get to do now with your free time since you don’t have to worry about managing your property? 

We live in an area that has some of the most fantastic independent bookstores I’ve ever seen. So, our spare time is spent figuring out how we can get yet one more bookshelf into our place. 

6. What has been your overall experience with Moon Ridge? 

My only regret about Moon Ridge is that we didn’t go to them first! We recommend them to anyone looking to rent out their property.

Our Response: We sincerely appreciate your recommendations!

When you’re living far away from the property that you own, you might find yourself always thinking about it; wondering if it’s in good health or if it’s truly worth it to hang on to something that you aren’t using.

A property management company can help you turn your empty property into one that generates income while you’re away. Not only will you be able to enjoy the extra cash flow into your pockets, but you reap the benefit of knowing that your asset is in the hands of a team of professionals. When you’re ready to return to your property, you can look forward to coming back to your home in the condition you left it in!

Are you traveling out of state or need help with a piece of property you’ve acquired in Maryland? Moon Ridge Property Management is one of the most trusted property management companies in Maryland. They professionally handle everything from tenant screening, reference checks, rental criteria, and ensure that all properties are compliant with Fair Housing Laws.

Take the stress out of owning a property in another state and entrust Moon Ridge Property Management with your valuable asset. Call today for a rental market property analysis in Central Maryland.