Rental Properties

Is your family home or inherited property ready to rent?

We rent good homes for good people. That's why each and every property that we consider managing is thoroughly inspected before we come to an agreement with a client.

We can work closely with each prospective client and help them get their property in great renting shape so they can start to see a return as soon as possible.

Here are some things that we're looking at during an initial inspection:

  • Age of appliances
  • Age of major systems
  • Condition of flooring, walls, counters & cabinets
  • Age and condition of fixtures
  • Major repairs to the property

Click here for a home preparation checklist.

The Condition of the Home

If the age of appliances and/or major systems is unknown to the client, Moon Ridge Property Management can find out that information. Depending on the answer, we can discuss the next steps to ordering new appliances or hiring a reliable contractor in the area.

For many people, renting a home isn't the step before buying a home - it's a lifestyle choice that they've consciously made.

When tenants are looking at properties to rent, they usually have certain things that they want to see in a home, and certain things that are "dealbreakers." Here at Moon Ridge, we typically have tenants in units for years at a time and they live in their rental space as if it was a home that they own. That's why we recommend molding your property to be something that most people love to see in a home.

There are many homes in Maryland that are on the older side but are still quite charming. You don't have to completely renovate your property or purchase a new build for it to be profitable. In some cases, well-preserved properties are actually more valuable than modern homes - they just have to be updated for efficiency, safety, and functionality.

We promise to rent good homes to good people. If you've got a property on your hands that you want to rent out, but you aren't sure if its in the right condition, Moon Ridge Property Management can help you whip it into shape!

Updated Appliances

Natural Light

Functional Bathrooms

In-Home Storage


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