Property Management Harford County Partner Discusses Autumn Maintenance Necessities Live Via Zoom This Oct 29

Responsible property management requires regular scheduling and completion of various exterior and interior tasks. Moon Ridge partner Mark Rosenfeld and realtor Ryan Hall discuss the basic maintenance necessities suited to the Fall season in a live session on 29 Oct 2020.

Bel Air MD: Moon Ridge Property Management and Mark Rosenfeld are pleased to announce that they have developed a suggested list of important property management Harford County tasks which should be carried out during the upcoming Autumn season. The suggestions were developed in coordination with Ryan Hall, realtor at Keller Williams American Premier Realty. The maintenance chores, especially suited to the upcoming three months, are part of a continuing annual property maintenance cycle. The basic and sometimes forgotten duties apply to both property managers and homeowners. 

The topic of autumn maintenance tasks will be discussed live on October 29th beginning at 12 noon. 

To access the Zoom link, click here. Interested property owners and managers are invited to join the session using Meeting ID: 779 2029 7475 and Passcode: rentals. 

Some Maryland rental management tasks are best turned over to a professional team with the appropriate knowledge, tools, and equipment to do the job safely. Most homeowners and property managers do not invest in large equipment, which is used only occasionally. Examples are mechanized lifts, ladders, scaffolding, and similar equipment. The specialized training which contractors obtain enables them to do the job more efficiently and safely.

Both interior and exterior duties should be considered when creating a maintenance checklist. Some of the external tasks include cleaning and/or unblocking gutters and downspouts, which direct water away from buildings, and animal-proofing any locations where rodents and other wildlife might try to enter the structure. Regular inspections of the roof will help to prevent small blemishes from becoming large repair projects. Autumn is the time to repair or caulk chips or leaks around windows, clean and cover air conditioner units, and winterize pools and water lines.

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Inside the structure, some of the items on the checklist include cleaning air ducts; checking smoke detectors and CO2 alarms; cleaning furnace and sump pumps for proper operation; and inspection of areas where insulation is present for the condition. These and other regular checks will help the property last longer and enhance the aesthetic appeal. Regular inspections and preventative maintenance benefit property owners and managers.

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Moon Ridge Property Management Company is an experienced management firm located in Central Maryland. It offers a range of management services for rental or leased properties. 


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