Our Tenant Screening Process

We only place the best tenants in your home.

Whether you’ve intentionally purchased a property to rent it out, or you’ve suddenly become a landlord out of necessity, you probably don’t want just anybody moving into a building that you own – and Moon Ridge Property Management completely understands that.

We have a rigorous vetting process for individuals, families, and pets so we can guarantee that your property stays in tip-top shape.

Here are a few steps we take when placing a tenant in your property:

  • Background and credit checks are performed on every adult (21+)
  • Current home inspections are conducted to ensure tenants keep their home in a respectable condition
  • No co-signers are accepted for persons with low credit scores
  • Pets are allowed on a case-by-case basis

Our Tenant Checklist

Credit & background checks!

Potential tenants are thoroughly vetted to ensure only the most reliable and trustworthy of individuals occupy your property.

No cosigners for low credit applicants.

We don't even consider cosigners for potential tenants with low credit since they won't be the ones paying the rent. No parents, family, or friend signatures.

We make house visits!

We will visit the current residence of potential renters to ensure they respect their current property and any pets are treated well and, in turn, treat the property well.

Worried About The Tenant's Pets?

If you are worried about pets in your house, Moon Ridge Property Management has got the solution!

We’ve created our pet screening process and warrantee – only pets that have been approved will be allowed to live in a unit we manage. If an unforeseen situation occurs, and that pet causes damage that is greater than the pet deposit amount, Moon Ridge will take cover the remainder of the expenses! That's how confident we are.

Don't want pets in your home at all? That is your decision as the homeowner and we will enforce this while managing your property.

Here is a bit more about our pet approval process:

  • Pet applications must be submitted and approved through petscreening.com
  • Pet damage warrantee – if Moon Ridge approves a pet that damages a home past the pet deposit amount, the cost for repairs is covered
  • Each pet that we consider will be met in person or via video chat by one of our managers
  • Either a visit to the pet’s current home or a photo/video inspection will be conducted to ensure the current home is in good shape
sleepy kitty
good pets in good homes
good pets in good homes cat
dog chilling with owner