How a Quality Property Management Company Can Assist Homeowners With Property Rentals

We recently had a question and answer session with one of our clients. Our questions are in bold.

1. Why did you think of renting your property instead of selling?

I was unable to sell due to home inspection issues, which will not be resolved for several years (sewer system install)

Our response: Your home might make a great rental even if it does not clear the home inspection. Even if you cannot sell it, don’t let your home sit unoccupied and wasted. Hire a property management company. We can resolve any home inspection issues and help you get a tenant at once.

2. What was your biggest worry/concern before renting out your property?

It was tenant quality. I wanted zero headaches. Of course, I got the opposite with Moon Ridge Property Management. The management team I used prior to Moon Ridge is definitely on the hook for that decision.

Our Response: Zero headaches. We handle everything from finding quality tenants, collecting rent to arranging repairs. Rest easy by hiring a rental management company.

3. How has Moon Ridge Property Management helped you manage the daily ins and outs of maintaining your property?

Moon Ridge has been on top of the (many) issues with the property and tenants. They have great response time and clear communication of all issues. Even though I am a distance away from the property, I never feel out of touch.

Moon Ridge has done a great job of acquiring bids, contracting work and providing assurance of repairs (photos, etc.) in a very timely fashion

Our response: We take care of your home as if it was our own. We handle the maintenance, rent collection, repairs, lease renewal, or eviction notice (which we have next to none!). We are prompt in responding and efficient in their work, responding within an hour to repair requests. We acquire the bids, arrange contracts, and execute repairs without delay, sending pre- and post-repair photos for your approval. 

4. How do you feel since using a property management company?

My stress level around this property has gone from constant awful migraine to very occasional ice cream headache

Our response: What flavor ice cream—Chocolate, Vanilla, or Twist?

5. What has been your overall experience with Moon Ridge Property Management?


How Does a Property Management Company Help You Rent Out Your Home?

A property management company is your trusted aide to help you rent out your home. A rental property owner can avail of the following services for a nominal monthly management fee:

1.  Quick rental occupation

You might have a cozy home but you cannot leave it vacant for a long time. For renting it out at the earliest, you need expert help. A property management company can reduce your home’s vacancy period.  Expert rental services can even make sure your home gets occupied within 15 days without skipping any background checks.

2.  No more home inspection issues

You have a great home yet it does not clear the home inspection. Without this, you cannot complete a sale or rental.  The only way to tackle this by hiring a property management company to do the due diligence and resolve all home inspection issues and help you get a tenant at once.

 3.  Rent collection on time

Collecting monthly rent from tenants can be quite a headache. Many dodge or delay. Hire a quality property management company to ensure that you get your rental income deposited to your bank on time. Our company chases tenants, follows-up with phone calls, and makes sure you get your rent payment on time.

 4.  Repairs and maintenance

When you rent out your home, prepare yourself for maintenance issues and valuable time spent on fixing those issues. Tenants will demand plumbing or electricity repairs etc and fast response time. Free yourself of rental property maintenance issues and improve your bottom line. Hire a trusted Property Management Company like ours. We get bids, arrange contracts, and get the repair done smoothly for you with a trusted maintenance crew.

5.  Longer tenant retention

Retaining a quality tenant for a long period is the right thing to do. Otherwise, you might have to redo your house again and again. Get the right tenants by screening them through a property management services company. A good property management company makes sure that the tenant stays on for at least 3 years at your home, sometimes up to 10 years. Moon Ridge tenants have a delinquency rate of less than 1%!

Hiring a reliable property management company is the right thing to do to rent out your home.  They can handle the strenuous selection process, rental criteria, and reference checks for tenant screening yet follow all the Fair Housing Laws. Be it an inherited home or a military home, Moon Ridge Property Management experts are there to take care of it while you are away.

Get the right property management company to entrust your home with the right tenant. Contact Moon Ridge Property Management now for a rental market analysis of your property in Central Maryland.