How to Know Which Neighborhood is Best for Flipping a House

You’ve probably heard it before: choosing a home is all about “location, location, location!”

Renters often pay attention to a lot more than just the condition of the property they’ll be renting. They probably will want to know that they’re in a safe area, possibly one with a good school for their kids, and that they have friendly neighbors that they have things in common with. It’s possible to make a profit off of an investment property in any area, but certain ones make it easier than others.

Here are some things to look out for when selecting a neighborhood to flip a house in:

Sales activity

The sales activity in a neighborhood will tell you how desirable the area is. You should consult with a local real estate agent to figure out how quickly homes are selling and what the price per square foot is. This will help you determine how about how quickly you’ll be able to flip a house and how much profit you can potentially make.

Age of homes

You’ll likely want to select homes that are old enough to require improvements, but not so old that you have to do a complete renovation. The best neighborhoods for flipping houses will have houses that can easily be made desirable with just a few weeks or months of work.

Homes that have had one owner for many years are usually great ones to flip because they have been well-maintained but could use a modern touch.

The charm of the neighborhood

Take a walk around the neighborhood to get a general feel for what it would be like to live there. Is it quiet, with charming houses and a park for kids to play? Is it well-let at night? Would you feel safe walking around alone? If all of these questions are answered with a “yes,” that could make a huge positive difference to potential renters – and thousands of dollars difference to your profits.


If a neighborhood is close to shopping centers, schools, restaurants, offices, and public transportation systems, it’s generally a good sign! This will tell renters that they don’t have to go very far to have everything the need in one area.

Proximity to teaching hospitals and universities

Areas near hospitals and universities are generally good areas to buy and flip a house in, especially if you intend to rent the property. Teaching hospitals and universities have hundreds to thousands of people who are looking for temporary housing.

Tip: Be sure to vet students carefully to ensure your property will be well taken care of.

Get the Help of a Rental Property Management Company

A rental property management company can help you select the best neighborhoods to rent in by recommending real estate agents, marketing your property, and carefully vetting potential tenants. Call Moon Ridge Management for help with renting and managing your next Maryland house flip!