Realtors & Property Management

We work better together

Moon Ridge Property Management is proud to work closely with many realtors in the Baltimore area, Harford County, and beyond!

If you’re a realtor that is looking for a friendly and professional property management company to refer to your clients, look no further.

Moon Ridge Property Management makes a commitment to the realtors they work with and aims to be their go-to management company any time a listing is purchased.

All you have to worry about is getting your client to sign on the dotted line, and the rest is our responsibility.

When you refer your buyers to Moon Ridge Property Management, you get:

How We Work Together for the Benefit of Your Client!

As a realtor, your job is to make the transition between owning and home and buying or selling one seamless. It’s a complicated process and your clients are likely glad that you’re able to help.

Next comes operating the rental home. You’ll want to know that your clients (or in many instances—YOU!) are able to operate their rental property with as little headache as possible – that’s where the best property management company comes in.

Best of all, once one of our clients are ready to sell their rental property, you will be the first person Moon Ridge calls! Loyalty is a Moon Ridge promise.

As the properties we manage are well taken care of, it will be easy for you to list and sell a rental property.

Show your clients how easy it can be to own rental property by recommending Moon Ridge Property Management. They will thank you for it, and so will we!

Don't Say Goodbye to Great Tenants

Plenty of realtors try to disguise themselves as property managers to steal future sales commissions; we don't play that game. We'll take care of your client and refer them back to you for future real estate transactions.

Eliminate Your Financial Risk

Offering bad advice on complicated subjects like fair housing guidelines and insurance requirements could land you in serious trouble. Keep yourself protected and let us do the hard work for you.

We Pay You!

Every referral who signs a property management contract will net you 25% of the first month's rent. We also pay 10% for lease only customers. Use the calculator below to determine your potential earnings.

Our Promise to Your Client

Moon Ridge Property Management promises your clients:

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