Top 4 Used Bargain Items You Should NEVER buy

Honestly, who doesn’t love a bargain deal? For property managers, bargains are a dream come true. Cheap housing materials, repairs for half the cost, and happy tenants that are willing to pay more for the property. Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? 

However, this article isn’t about those dream-come-true bargain buys but rather the ones you should always skip on. Why? Because everyone we know who’s ever tried to buy the following items used ALWAYS ended up buying heartache and hassle instead. In the cases of these four items below, it truly is quality over quantity. Read on to find out why exactly these four ‘bargain deals’ are truly ‘bargain steals’ in disguise.  

paint bargain house property management moon ridge


 I’ve never bought used paint that was worth it.  Whether it’s a half gallon of some weird pigment mix that not even a master chemist could match, or a separated horror-show of ‘gloppiness’, It’s never been good. 

The main reason for this is that paint doesn’t stay high-quality forever. As with any kind of paint, house paint separates over time, and it’s very difficult to mix together once more. Even with a paint shaker machine, the likelihood of you getting this paint back to its original form is slim to none. 

Furthermore, old paint also doesn’t last as long or as strong on the walls of a house. In fact, latex paint will actually go bad with time. Because of this, it may look good in the moment but, in a matter of a year, you may find yourself needing to repaint once again. This is simply not cost-effective for a property manager or property owner. This is why it is best to buy new paint and realize the longevity of it makes up for the initial cost ten-fold. 

tape bargain house property management moon ridge


Did you know tape has an expiration date?  Well, you do now. Having said this, have you ever seen a “use by date” on ANY package of tape you’ve ever bought? The reason you don’t see this is because most tape companies assume that the tape will be gone within this time period. Therefore, it isn’t necessary to display the expiration date on the package. However, for your reference, It’s about 12 months for most adhesive tapes.

Unfortunately, in most cases, this eliminates the vast majority of used tapes you would find. After all, if you found a roll of tape or two in your garage from a few years back, would you think it had ‘gone bad’? Probably not. 

However, you’ll know bad tape when you see it.  It’s brittle, fussy, and generally makes you miserable to use.  It also really doesn’t adhere to the places you stick it to pretty much eliminating its entire purpose. Lots of used tape ends up that way, and you don’t know until you try it. With this said, if you can test out the tape before purchase and it isn’t old, maybe give it a try and see what happens. Otherwise, you’ve been warned.  

adhesive house property management moon ridge


Although this may seem obvious, once opened, adhesives have a SUPER short shelf life.  Remember that opened tube of super glue you used for your last project? It’s worthless and completely unusable by now, right?  Well, the same goes for any used adhesive you buy at the store more often than not. 

Because of this, it’s almost always best to skip used adhesive when doing home maintenance. Instead, pay the few extra dollars and know for sure that you’re actually getting what you paid for. 

caulking house property management moon ridge


Just as adhesive dry up quickly and become useless, most caulking, once opened, is virtually a waste of time and money. Because caulking must be smooth and easy to apply in order to ensure that it is seal proof, it’s best not to even take a risk with caulking and simply buy it new.

Furthermore, even though you may save a few bucks buying it used, you could quickly face countless plumbing and structural integrity issues that are simply not worth it as a result. 

With all of this said, although there are countless great budget housing materials out there to choose from, if you don’t make smart decisions, you likely will spend more and get less in the long run. By steering clear of these four used items alone, you are sure to be ahead of the game from the start. 

For more information about housing maintenance do’s and don’ts, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Moon Ridge Property Management today! We can’t wait to hear from you!